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Since the 1980’s when it launched the world’s first commercial portable metals analyser incorporating a diode array, ARUN Technology has led the world in the fast growing market for portable and desktop CCD-array analysis systems for metal or metallurgical applications.

The Charge Coupled Device (CCD) technology, enables a single, small, yet robust instrument to measure the whole spectrum necessary for the analysis of all the common metal bases. In fact the most appropriate analytical or spectral ‘lines’ can be chosen by software rather than hardware such that MetalScan spectrometers are not limited in the number of elements that can be analysed. For example a typical conventional spectrometer incorporating Photo-Multiplier Tube (PMT) detectors might have about 30 analytical channels fixed by expensive hardware, while a CCD based unit would have access to over 1000 channels, all selectable by software. The CCD electronics can be used to search for line peaks and counteract any thermal or mechanical shifts, which are often the source of problems with conventional units.

In the 1990’s ARUN Technology introduced the MetalScan M1650 the world’s top-selling portable emission spectrometer followed shortly by the MetalScan M2000 the world’s first desk-top OE spectrometer, combining low cost CCD array technology with a high precision spark source and laboratory analytical software.

Over the last twenty years, the range of products offered by ARUN Technology and the performance levels available have both increased. The current PolySpek Neo with multi-optics and the PolySpek Junior series offer direct view argon flushed optics, no fibre optics are used. The instruments are controlled via integrated panel PCs with colour LCD touch screens or external, standard PCs.

A new range of portable spectrometers the 'A' Series has also been introduced offering AC spark, DC Arc, or both types of excitation. The DC Arc mode offers rapid grade identification while the spark mode provides low-level carbon determination, typically separating stainless L non-L grades. Trolleys, battery packs and other accessories are also available.

In early 2006 ARUN Technology returned to private ownership as part of a management buyout under a new company MetalScan Limited. An independent company based in the UK, ARUN Technology can now offer the levels of cooperation and flexibility- technical as well as commercial - demanded by modern industry.

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